Roofing Services for Residential & Commercial

Do you need a new roof for your home or business, give us a call and we can provide you with professional and affordable services. Sometimes we hear the word NEW and think of how expensive it can be, We specialize in new roofing installation and re-roofing services and provide a wide range of products and materials for you to choose from. We have experience with metal roofs, rubber roofs, shingles, and much more. We’ll provide you with a FREE estimate for your new roof!

Tile Roofing

Roofing tiles are can be ceramic(clay) or cement or lighter types like fibers. Tile roofs often have enhanced air circulation compared to other roofing types

We do new tile roof installation, roof repair and replacement, re-roofing. Our crew are experienced in tile roofing. call us for a free estimate and free inspection.

Shingle Roofing

The most widely used roofing materials is composition or asphalt shingles. Selecting a best warranty on shingles is important. Shingles are available in 3-tab style, architectural, designer. Arca Roofing LLC offers new asphalt shingle roof installation, roof repair and replacement, re-roofing. Our roofing professionals are experienced and you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing materials offer strength, beauty and are Galvanized steel, Sheet metal, Aluminum, Copper, Stone coated steel. Metal roof considered to be smart way of roofing or re- roofing your residential, commercial buildings.

There are several different circumstances that can play a part in roof leaks

Got Leaks
  • Improper roofing installation
  • Malfunctioning flashings or roof flashings
  • Inadequately installed shingles
  • Hail damage
  • Storm damage
  • Gutters that don’t drain correctly
  • Animal damage
  • Tree damage
  • Skylight or turbine leaks
  • Wind damage

24 hour Emergency Leak Repair

Storms, Rain, Wind are all unexpected, and all these affect roofing, we offer our 24 hour service to get your roofing problems addressed in a timely manner.

We Guaranty Our Roof Repairs

You never know what your going to get with weather. We recommend you to get your roof weatherproof today. It will save you some headaches and will definitely save help your wallet on the long run. Ask about our weatherproofing today.

A roof can get damaged with storms, hail, wind, it can also have cracks or blistering roof shingles, missing or loose shingles, incorrectly installed roofing is also a common problem. Have any of these problems? Arka roofing has you covered.

Complete List of Services

  • Chimney leaks
  • Storm damage repair
  • Roof leak repair and prevention
  • Ridge caps and vents
  • Skylight replacement and patching
  • Shingle repairs
  • Roof rebuilding
  • Leak Detection
  • Same Day Roof Repair Service

Storm Damage Roof Repair

There is more to storm damage repairs than just fixing or patching a roof.It is about leaving your roof good as new.Arca roofing offers an extensive inspection on your roof, we will then work on your roof to make sure that your home is repaired fast, and leave your roof like there was no storm

Hail Damage

Hail damaged roofing is a serious problem. Leaks are number one on the list. Holes in the roof become holes in the ceiling, and after rain storms you will have unwanted water dripping everywhere.

Hail damage to a roof can go unnoticed for a long time – often, problems don’t surface for two to three years after the initial storm damage. If it hails on your house, you should have your roof inspected as soon as possible.

Bad or broken flashings

The pipe flashing on a metal roof needs repair, in order to stop the roof leak.